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Case 1

Two Bedroom Garden Flat in Finchley N2 and Two Bedroom House in Greenwich SE10

Here are two examples of how property staging and even the use of computer generated images (CGI’s) can help transform the look of an empty property.

A lot of buyers and prospective tenants find it hard to visualise what an empty room could look like when furnished. So having images like this available is an amazing tool to help our clients achieve more.

Both of these properties here, went above asking price (one for sale, one to let), because of the work done to present it in the best way possible.

Simple, but effective.

Case 2

Two Bedroom House in Greenwich SE10

This property was a great project to work on. We took over the property from a large corporate agent, where the tenants had not been looking after it well. They had painted some of the kitchen cabinets black, stuck rainbow mirrored vinyl on various places in the kitchen and bathroom and cracked some floor tiles.

We put together a plan on revitalising the spaces, within a tight budget and pulled it off. Giving the rooms a modern and updated look, which ultimately was covered by deductions from the previous tenants deposit for the damages caused.

We then achieved a 25% uplift in rent compared to the previous tenancies achieved with other agents.

Case 3

Do the same things, get the same results…

When we ask our clients for feedback on their past experiences with property agencies, they all say the same things. They have too many people to speak to in the company, the staff turnover is high and frequent, the charges are ever increasing and it seems the companies are only looking out for themselves.

We do things differently. From one point of contact for your whole portfolio, to checking all maintenance jobs before money is spent on booking contractors. If something simple can be fixed there and then by the team, it is at no extra cost.

We embrace and drive new innovation and ideas, moving with the times, to benefit everyone we work with.

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