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Just like the fact we don’t like being labelled as just ”Estate Agents”, the property owners we work with are not just clients, they are “Partners”.

We handle every property and every sale or let, personally, giving the right advice, partnering with who we work with to achieve the maximum we can for them.


We partner with property owners, connecting the right people, for the right reason, so EVERYONE succeeds..


We have a thriving business built on trust, driven by referrals from happy clients, where like minded agents can build a more balanced life in the property industry. We are a place where our agents can grow in work and life and every client can achieve their goals.


These are the 3 immutable values of Love Your Home. Everything we do is measured against these values and our mission.

Each value comes with a question that we should ask ourselves on a regular basis. This ensures that we are truly living up to our values and building a company we can be proud of.

  1. Doing more.

We believe in enriching lives and building connections. We exist for our partners, building honest relationships and take time to understand and meet their needs. We are honest, open and do business the right way, going the extra mile to get the job done right.

  1. Building Together

We are committed to each other and we work to support, challenge and cheer on our teammates. We are in partnership not competition and we leave our ego at the door.

  1. Raising the Bar

We set very high standard, seeking to improve, motivate and create something better every single day. We own our mistakes and we are always learning. We find the positives in all circumstances.

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